IB Graduate Student Timeline

First Year Students

Supervisory Committee
Form your Supervisory Committee under the guidance of your mentor. Meet by November 1 with your committee to plan for the upcoming year.

Additional Background Courses
Take courses that will round out any obvious gaps in your academic background.

Advanced Evolution Course
Take an advanced course in evolution if you have not fulfilled this requirement. IB 160, a course in general evolution with discussions of micro- and macroevolution, will satisfy this requirement. This course must be taken for a letter grade. This course must be taken for a letter grade. The Head Graduate Advisor may approve another course.

Apply for National Science Foundation and Howard Hughes Medical Institute Predoctoral Fellowships and other such support as appropriate.

Teaching Colloquium
Enroll in IB 375, the Teaching Colloquium. All graduate students must participate in this course either prior to or concurrent with teaching their first semester. Two semesters of teaching experience are a Ph.D. requirement and fulfills the Graduate Student Instructor training requirement mandated by the Dean of the Graduate Division.

California Residency
Begin gathering materials and filing for California residency. Filing for residency allows US Citizens and Permanent residents to save over $15,000/yr.

Second Year Students

Preliminary Research Proposal
By the end of the third semester you are required to present a preliminary research proposal to your Supervisory Committee. The proposal should state your topic, give a short overview of the relevant literature, and a summary of the procedures you plan to employ. Meet by November 1 with your committee to plan for the upcoming year.

Qualifying Examination Committee
During the third semester you should form your Qualifying Examination Committee. This committee may include members of the Supervisory Committee with the exception of your mentor.

Qualifying Examination
You are expected to take and pass your Qualifying Exam during the fourth semester. Early in the fourth semester, or sooner if possible, set a date for your Exam and begin meeting with the members of your committee. You MUST submit the Application for Qualifying Exam to the Graduate Student Affairs Office 8 weeks in advance of your exam (if this form is not processed, you cannot take the exam).

Dissertation Committee
Soon after passing your Qualifying Exam, form your Dissertation Committee and petition for Advancement to Candidacy.

Third Year Students

Definitive Research Proposal
By the end of the fifth semester a definitive research proposal should be presented to your Dissertation Committee. Ordinarily, it is an expanded version of your preliminary proposal, giving a comprehensive plan of your intended research. Meet by November 1 with your committee to plan for the upcoming year.

Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants
During this year, you should apply for doctoral dissertation improvement grants and other kinds of support for your research.

Fourth and Fifth Year Students

Teaching Experience
If you haven't already gained teaching experience by working as a Graduate Student Instructor for two semesters, you should do so now.

Committee Meetings
Meet each year with your Dissertation Committee to make sure you are on track.​ Meetings should be completed by November 1.

File your dissertation.

What is good standing?

IB students are in "good standing" if they are - 

  • Within normative time (5 years) of beginning the program
  • GPA 3.0 or greater
  • Current on Annual Review (submitted to GSAO by November 1 each academic year)
  • Making satisfactory progress toward dissertation (this is determined by a student's mentor and committee)